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Majestic Mushrooms


Majestic Mushrooms
Giant Mushroom Sculpture


A giant mushroom sculpture featuring 3 elegant mushrooms in varying sizes, made of cold cast iron with a rusty finish.  At 2 metres tall this mushroom sculpture adds a touch of magic to any setting.  Each Mushroom is installed independently so can be positioned to best suit the location, it's possible to have several sets grouped together or in positioned as a giant Fairy Circle. 


Available as set of three or individually, please find details below.

Limited Edition of 24

Large £2,000

Width/Length  80 cm Height  200 cm

Medium £1,500

Width/Length  65 cm Height  140 cm

Small £1,200

Width/Length  65 cm Height  110 cm

Private viewings available by appointment, please contact us for more information.

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